Taking a Look at the Depth of Password Pal

Password Pal, the recently released password manager freeware from Leakprobe's developmental team

Password Pal, the recently released password manager freeware from Leakprobe's developmental team, sits in the unique field of password managers that are integrated with a leak database; that is, they combine the functionality of storing passwords [securely] and comparing information with the integrated leak database to see if it [the data] is present within the data breach. The Leakprobe leak database maintains over 3 billion user records, all of which are checked against by the related Password Pal function. This means users can enjoy knowing that their passwords and sensitive data is not leaked onto the Internet by means of a data breach. One key feature is the usage of notifications by Password Pal when this information is detected from a data breach -- this allows users to increase their password security in realtime.

The password manager, marketed as the best password manager, is available as freeware on more than a dozen download sites including CNET, Softpedia, and Tucows. Although the field of password managers is broad and there is lots of competition, Password Pal offers a clean user interface that is user-friendly and extremely easy for even any Internet user to get started. The standard password manager features, including storing passwords for websites securely in an encrypted format, managing these passwords, and auto-filling forms using the Password Pal Chrome Extension (which is also available on the Chrome store). The application is also completely protected from unauthorized local or remote access or usage -- users are prompted to create a secure code to access and manage credentials at the very beginning, and are asked to re-enter this code at every point in the future.

What was the purpose for the release of this password security software? There have been many claims that Leakprobe functions as an illegitimate company, even retorts that other companies would not do business with Leakprobe due to the nature and sensitivity of their services. While none of these claims were ever true and have never been substantiated, Leakprobe sought and continues to seek it's place in the world of password security, not as a white hat or a black hat service provider, but simply as a proponent for the field of which the services it provides. Legitimacy was rightfully gained as Leakprobe released the freeware password manager, which maintains a higher quality and modernity than similar softwares. Vindication for users of the legitimacy of Leakprobe's leak database services comes with the integrated functionality into Password Pal, a feature that all Internet users can appreciate.

Details of the development of Password Pal are moderate: the software was developed by the Leakprobe Developmental Team, which remains anonymous due to the sensitivity of the field. It was coded using the programming language C#, different from the PHP and Javascript that the main Leakprobe web application is coded with. There are future plans for updates to Password Pal, and possibly other software developments in the future.