The PasswordPal Reviews are in!

If you have a large number of accounts and all have different passwords, at a given time you will start to forget or get them scrambled. Here comes in PasswordPal, a smart app that stores all your passwords and helps you manage them.

After the brief installation process, the app starts with a fairly simple and intuitive UI. The UI has only three tabs, "Passwords, Settings, and LeakProbe." Besides the three, there are no other active parts to the UI

To start adding passwords to the database, select "Passwords" and complete your information in the window that popped up. After you've added the first password, go to settings and set up a Master password in order to protect the other ones.

Also, when adding new items, you can check the "Auto-fill' box if you want to automatically login with that account every time you visit the website.

This app goes hand in hand with the Chrome extension that lets you see how many accounts are logged in and how strong their passwords are.

Furthermore, you can use PasswordPal to check your credentials against the Leak Database automatically. An account to the developer's site is necessary to make use of its full features.

In conclusion, PasswordPal is a handy tool for users with too many accounts and passwords. It stores, manages, and highlights the strength of every individual password, in order to create a more secure environmen

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