New leaks

Hackers recently made headlines when a data breach consisting of nearly 775 million email addresses and passwords was leaked to the public

Recent data analysis on the data breach indicated more than 1 billion unique email address and password combinations and over 21 million unique passwords for the data set. These kinds of numbers certainly live up to the excitement that is generated when those within the industry are privy, but what exactly does this mean for leak databases in terms of repercussions and adjustments?

One of the major notes that should be made concerning this large dataset is that much of it has been previously leaked in relation to various corporate data breaches. For instance, the Myspace data breach consisting of over 300 million user accounts and the Linkedin data breach consisting of over 100 million user accounts are a part of this data set -- when comparing it [the data set] with the records of a large leaked database such as Leakprobe or even it's predecessor HaveIBeenPwned, there are doubtful to be significant amounts of novel and unique user accounts within the cross reference. Hundreds of millions of credentials aside from the included Myspace and Linkedin breach are also not unique when it comes to existence in these kinds of databases; a lot of the excitement with a massive leak such as this can be predisposed.

However, this data breach does stand as one of the largest single collections (almost 1 billion) ever released to the public on the Internet. This aggregation could easily be reached by combining similar data breaches, for example the over 1 billion user credentials that was made up of 2 breaches including the Anti-public combo list. This leak does not stand alone when it comes to these comparisons, only that it was compiled and released. One of the major proponents of press coverage could be the inevitability of commercializing the industry revolving around this news: Leakprobe's sale revenues reached peak heights following the days of this news breaking out, Leakprobe Chief Financial Officer provided as a quote. HaveIBeenPwned, an infamous competitor, knows the significance of these findings and yet poses it [the data breach] as original groundbreaking news when it is, in fact, not.