Halloween Leak

In honor of Halloween, Leakprobe has completed a database analysis of Halloween themed user accounts, and providing the insecure information from our leak database.

All of the user information provided is accurate at the time that it was saved from the hitherto data breach. To spice things up for the Halloween season, we've searched for names related to our favorite masked serial killers, thriller cinema, and prolific authors.

Name: Michael Myers

Claim to Fame: After killing his sister as a child, this masked serial killer broke out of the insane asylum to chase an obsession with Laurie Strode. His hometown is Haddonfield, and he's brought over 100 people to their gruesome ends in a dozen films, averaging over 10 murders per film.

Usernames Searched: MichaelMyers, MichaelMeyers

Results Found: 9


Name: Freddy Krueger

Claim to Fame: This sexual predator made a deal with demons after being burned by the villagers as revenge. His method of operation is within the dreams of the children and teenagers of Elm Street, where he's brought about the demise of over 35 people, averaging just over 4 murders per film.

Usernames Searched: FreddyKrueger, FreddyKruger

Results Found:

Name: Jason Voorhees

Claim to Fame: He alledgedly drowned at Camp Crystal Lake because the camp counselors were fooling aroundd, but the man behind the hockey mask is back for revenge. Jason stalks the campgrounds no matter what they rename it, and has murdered the most civilians in cinematic wonders that he's starred in. Murdering over 150 people in a dozen films, this king of serial killers rings in over a dozen slaughters per film.

Usernames Searched: JasonVoorhees

Results Found:

Name: Dracula

Claim to Fame: The first vampire and the legend of lore, this caped villain has all the perks of being an epic vampire including seductive powers, flight, and superhuman strength. With origins as early as Vlad the Impaler and immortalized by the likes of Christopher Lee, Gerard Butler, and Gary Oldman, this vampire is popular among classics and contemporaries alike.

Usernames Searched: Dracula

Results Found:

Name: Frankenstein

Claim to Fame: The monster came back to life as the product of multiple human body parts with the help of Dr. Frankenstein and Igor. All he wanted was true love, yet he's been the centerpiece of horror folklore since released in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

Usernames Searched: Frankenstein

Results Found:

Name: Leatherface

Claim to Fame: Texas Chainsaw Massacrer Leatherface wields the chainsaw to great effect, doing the bidding of his family curse and wearing the facial skin of his victims. Cited as one of the early inspirations for the golden age of serial killer horror thriller flicks, Leatherface may be retarded but he knows how to rack in the doughh.

Usernames Searched: Leatherface

Results Found:

Name: Stephen King

Claim to Fame: This is the most prolific horror writer the world has ever known, spawning such thrillers as The Shining, Pet Sematary, and Salem's Lot, the list goes on. Many of this author's novels have been transformed into horror cinema masterpieces including Pet Sematary and It, which have seen double incarnations within the horror community.

Usernames Searched: StephenKing, StevenKing

Results Found:

Name: George Romero

Claim to Fame: Zombie king George Romero is the director and mastermind behind many of horror cinema's most iconic tales. With filmography such as Night of the Living Dead, The Crazies, Dawn of the Dead, and O.J. Simpson: Juice on the Loose, this honorary horror fanatic has a heart in the places of millions of slasher film fans and enthusiasts.

Usernames Searched: GeorgeRomero, GeorgeARomero

Results Found:

Name: Clive Barker

Claim to Fame: A lesser known writer, director, and visual artist, Clive Barker is renowned for his works that have been adapted into the greatest horror films in history, including Hellraiser and Candyman. He has also seen his share of video game developments, including Clive Barker's Undying horror game.

Usernames Searched: CliveBarker

Results Found:

Name: Halloween

Claim to Fame: The pagan festival of the dead is celebrated by millions worldwide on October 31.

Usernames Searched:

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