Forgot Your Password? Can't Remember Old Sites You've Signed Up On?

This problem is one of the most prevalent issues with online computer users, afflicting people of all ages who've used the Internet for years.

I know for one that I have signed up for websites, used them a few times, and then forgotten that I ever signed up and never used them again. Even more reoccuring is that I sign up for a website or service, pick a unique password to fit their criteria or choose something random I've never used, and then forget the password. Scenario three, I've signed up for emails to try and mitigate the amount of spam I get to my old ones, used them for a little while, and then returned to my original email addresses with my tail tucked between my legs. Over time I have personally lost access to passwords, websites, and even email addresses.

That's why when I discovered Leakprobe's new data search service, it was a dream come true. Using either my username or my email I was able to search and find out a plethora of information including what passwords I used, what email addresses I used, and many websites that I signed up for (even still being useful) that I forgot about. The service costed me only two dollars and gave me instant access. I was able to log into old forums and reclaim parts of my digital life. There were sites that dated back a decade or more that I never would have remembered if it had not been for Leakprobe.

Secondary to this, I knew what information was available not just for me, but for every other Internet user out there. I promptly changed my passwords to the accounts that were listed on the website so that no one else could access them. All in all, this security issue was a great trade-off for the amount of data that I retained from using the website, and I'm glad that I was able to retrieve access to age-old accounts.

The takeaway from this is that if you've forgotten your passwords, lost email addresses or websites that you signed up to, or any combination of these scenarios, all you have to do is search leak database and search by username or email and have access to the same data that I did. It's easier than many solutions that I've seen, and people who have lost access to their accounts and email addresses don't have to become a blackhat hacker to regain access to their data. See for yourself, it's a free search and won't cost anything. The cheapest package is only two dollars. As an added bonus, if you sign up for what they call a gold package or higher, they will remove your information from their database so others can't search it.