Leakprobe Vs. HaveIBeenPwned Leaked Passwords Databases Review

Leakprobe and HaveIBeenPwned are the two leading providers of leaked passwords information, both allowing searches of their databases.

HaveIBeenPwned offers a large database, over 1 billion accounts that are searched when a user inputs his or her information. HaveIBeenPwned returns all of the databases where this user’s information is found, and displays where and when this information was leaked onto the internet. With 1 billion accounts, HaveIBeenPwned offers a superior size of information than Leakprobe, which offers just over 200 million accounts for users to search for their leaked information. This is a huge difference, as users are five times more likely to find their information inside of HaveIBeenPwned’s database than in Leakprobe’s database. Despite sharing many of the popular leaks, HaveIBeenPwned has an extensive collection of third party databases and LeakProbe has some catching up to do if they are going to compete in this aspect. However, one of the most important functions of searching for leaked password information is the ability to view or recover the passwords or other vital information that has been leaked. In this respect, LeakProbe offers the superior service over HaveIBeenPwned. While HaveIBeenPwned offers a larger selection (for now), LeakProbe displays the passwords, email accounts, and usernames that are part of the leaked passwords database for anyone who searches, and allows users to recover passwords for their accounts as well as for the accounts of anyone that they know corresponding information. HaveIBeenPwned does not give any information and merely tells if this leaked information is present in their databases. In short, users can only find out if their information has been leaked by using HaveIBeenPwned; with Leakprobe, users can find out exactly what information has been leaked, which has several advantages that we will not cover in this review.

Another aspect that is shared by these two leaked information services is API usage. Users can obtain an API key from both Leakprobe and HaveIBeenPwned which allows them to create access for the general public to both of these popular databases. After comparing this information with what is available from both APIs, Leakprobe again offers a superior API than HaveIBeenPwned vis-a-vie the amount of information that thte API provides. While HaveIBeenPwned’s API provides again, if the information has been leaked and where, Leakprobe’s API provides not only if the information has been leaked, but what information it entails, such as usernames, passwords, email accounts, and hashes. It is also notable that HaveIBeenPwned also requires that anyone using their API give credit to HaveIBeenPwned while Leakprobe allows free and general access of the API and only for the smallest fee.

So which leaked information database is better? For now, Leakprobe offers the best services in terms of features. Leakprobe’s database is growing and will soon have 1 billion accounts like HaveIBeenPwned, and then there will be no reason to use HaveIBeenPwned. Leakprobe will be the only leaked passwords services that anyone will ever have to use. To compete with this, HaveIBeenPwned will have to provide more information through their services, such as passwords, usernames, and email accounts for the information that they have. Unless HaveIBeenPwned makes this huge step in service, Leakprobe will remain the superior service due to what they provide to the general public in comparison. Don’t believe us? Try using both of these services and see what information each one gives you. We guarantee that Leakprobe will satisfy?—?just by looking at the passwords that are available for random accounts is more than HaveIBeenPwned provides (for whatever reason), and Leakprobe comes recommended as a transparent and freely available password security service with no competition in sight. http://leakprobe.net has a free database that is available to the general public Consider purchasing an API for unlimited usage