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Our leak database is one of the biggest on the net and we are constantly adding to it.

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Warning: If your password is found on this site, you are advised to change it immediately

LeakProbe has one of the biggest leak databases on the internet. We have over a billion accounts, which can be searched in seconds. Check if your credentials are in our password list and ensure your safety on the net. All of our leaks have either a hash or a password which can be revealed by purchasing one of our plans. We also have a feature that allows you to try and crack any hashes instantly using our rainbow tables.

Our mission goal is to create a layer of transparency around the information that is made available to the public on the internet. We value open security and give all users a chance to find their information for free with our search function. It is the right of the consumer whose information has been leaked to find out exactly what data was compromised as well as where it was made available. Other websites may give partial access to a user's own information -- we believe that 100% of that data belongs to the people involved. We are pleased to offer this service to any member of the general public regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Use our leaked database to find Facebook, Steam, Gmail, Roblox, Instagram, Twitter passwords for practically any user. Use our free search as much as you want and only pay when you actually find what you need. We want to ensure that your user experience is the best it can be so if you have any suggestions or additions to our leaked databases then please feel free to contact us: admin@leakprobe.net